Saving Money On All Of Your Medical Expenses

Receiving quality care cost quite the lot of money whether you are insured or not. And while doctors may know what’s best for your health, they are not very concerned with your wallet. So before you swipe that credit card, make sure you are following this money saving rules to cut back on medical expenses.


•    Choose lifestyle changeover new medication

Don’t feel like adding to cost by filling a new prescription? Before your doctor signs, the script asks if there are any lifestyles changes that might have the same effect then go for the changes in your lifestyle. After all, it saves lots of money and is for your betterment.

•    Reevaluate your vitamins

Are you taking a daily multivitamin, it may not be worth in a long run. If your diet covers all the recommended daily nutritional bases like fruits, veggies, salad, cereals, whole grain you do not need a multivitamin. Do not bother with extra supplements such as calcium, vitamin C or Vitamin D unless your doctor recommends that for some specific reason.

•    Do you really need a test?

The study indicates that most of the people around 43% underwent the unnecessary test at simple, routine checkup. If your doctor asks for MRI, CT scan or other such tests speak up. You are not only billed for the extra procedures but also are exposed to harmful radiation. If they are just for routine screening such a test may not be necessary.

•    Get your regular meds on cheap

Try finding out if there are any cheaper option like ordering from legitimate, safe online vendors or thriftier pharmacies with low price plans. You can also try money-saving strategies such as buying the generic version of the medication, buying pills in bulk and splitting the higher dose pills.

•    Bargain

If you are uninsured and paying the money all from your pocket don’t afraid to negotiate your medical bills. Disclosing your home income may knock off a chunk of the bill as will offer to pay with cash on the spot you can get as much as 20% discount. Ask for samples from your doctors or check the website for coupons to be used at the pharmacy.

•    Take a trip

Medical tourism can save you anywhere from 40% to 85% on your medical expense. For things like cosmetic surgery and dental procedures especially if you are not insured take a trip to Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand or even India it could add up to huge savings.
At we aim to reduce your medical expenses by approximately 50 % and make the primary medical service accessible at very low cost. There are three Medical Health Cards available to your that are silver, gold and platinum, which you can choose according to your convenience.  Now by staying connected with us you can call any doctor you want any time whenever the medical emergency is. So subscribe to docOPD Health Programs based upon your health requirements and stay healthy. 

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